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HSBC Mobile Banking

HSBC Mobile Banking

Simple, speedy banking. Now on your smartphone.

Looking after your money is easy with the HSBC mobile banking on your smartphone. You can check your Oman HSBC account, move money securely between accounts, pay bills and find exclusive HSBC credit card offers.

Want to get started? Visit www.hsbc.co.om from your smartphone.

If you haven't already registered with HSBC Internet Banking, please sign up here to take advantage of internet banking and mobile banking.

If you have registered, but have forgotten your log on details, please call our Mobile Banking helpdesk on 80074722 (within Oman) or +968 80074722 (outside Oman) for assistance.

The following functions are available through HSBC Mobile Banking:

  • View your account balances, account details and account history for all your HSBC Oman accounts
  • Move money between your HSBC Oman accounts and credit cards
  • Pay bills

You can also:

  • Check exchange rates and use the built-in currency calculator
  • Receive secure messages from HSBC and send requests from your device

HSBC Mobile Banking is also the ideal way to stay updated on credit card offers in Oman or worldwide. Whether you travel abroad or are looking for a shopping, dining or leisure experience in Oman, you’ll never miss out again.
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For services such as Telegraphic Transfers, change of personal details or opening new accounts, you will still need to access Internet Banking using your personal computer.

Please follow our security tips when using HSBC Mobile Banking:

  • Do not store your Internet Banking username and password details in your smartphone
  • We recommend that you regularly install and update the latest antivirus and anti-spyware software on your smartphone
  • You should not share your smartphone with anyone after logging on to HSBC Mobile Banking
  • Always ensure you log off properly when you’re finished with HSBC Mobile Banking
  • When using a Wi-Fi connection, use trusted Wi-Fi networks or service providers and enable security protection such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), if possible
  • We recommend that you do not use smartphones which have been jailbroken or modified against the manufacturer's or network operator's guidelines, as this may have created security loopholes
  • You should enable screen lock and password protection on your phone to prevent unauthorised access
  • Regularly clear the cache

For the full list of security tips, please visit: www.hsbc.com/online-security.

What is Mobile banking?

HSBC Personal Mobile Banking is the existing Internet Banking service, available through selected models of mobile devices. With the webpage design optimised for the screen size of the mobile devices, you can access your accounts easily.

How is Mobile Banking different to Internet Banking?

Mobile Banking is designed specifically for mobile devices, which means we use your device's built-in features to provide a better experience. The information is also formatted for display on smart phones.

How do I access Mobile Banking?

To log on to HSBC Personal Mobile Banking, type www.hsbc.co.om into the address bar and you will automatically be directed to a mobile version of our site if the mobile device that you are using is compatible. Unsupported devices will be directed to the full site. From this page, you can log on to mobile banking or select the option to access the full HSBC website to log on and access the full suite of HSBC Internet Banking features.

How much does Mobile Banking cost?

There are no additional charges for using HSBC Mobile Banking.

You may incur internet data charges from your mobile service provider or internet service provider if you are connected via wireless internet. To confirm these charges, please contact your internet/mobile service provider.

Do I need to register for Mobile Banking?

You have to have registered for Internet Banking through a computer and accepted the Internet Banking terms and conditions. You do not need to register again for mobile banking and you can simply go to www.hsbc.co.om using your mobile device's web browser and use your existing logon details.

What is the URL (address) for Mobile Banking?

Please use www.hsbc.co.om on your mobile device to access HSBC Mobile Banking.

Which HSBC banking services are available using Mobile Banking?

The following are available through HSBC Personal Mobile Banking:

  • View your account balances and details
  • View your last 20 transactions
  • Transfer money between your local HSBC accounts
  • Pay existing billers
  • Send and receive messages to/from HSBC

For security reasons, there are certain functionalities (eg Telegraphic Transfers, change of personal details or opening new accounts) that are not available through the mobile and can only be done through your internet banking session via computer.

If you would like to browse the products and services offerings, please visit our full site at www.hsbc.co.om via your computer.

Using Mobile Banking

How can I access other Personal Internet Banking functions?

You can either select the quick link to the full public website available on the landing page and then log on using the logon option (your mobile device should be able to deliver the content) or you can access www.hsbc.co.om using your computer.

Can I still use regular Internet Banking via my mobile phone?

Yes. To log on to HSBC Internet Banking, type www.hsbc.co.om into the address bar and you will automatically be directed to a mobile version of our site. From this page, you can select the option to access the regular HSBC website to log on and access the full suite of HSBC Internet Banking features (your mobile device should be able to deliver the content).

If I want to go to the full website after I log on to Mobile Banking, do I need to enter my username and password again?

Only the pre-logon page on Mobile Banking has a quick link to the 'Full Website'. You will have to log off Mobile Banking and log on again after being directed to the full Internet Banking site.

Can I access HSBC Mobile Banking overseas?

Yes, you can access HSBC Mobile Banking anywhere you have an internet connection via your mobile handset.

Do I need an HSBC account to use Mobile Banking?

To use HSBC's Mobile Banking, you must have an HSBC account and be registered for Internet Banking.

I've logged on to Mobile Banking but there is no menu. How do I get started?

You need to tap on the 'Bank' icon displayed at the top of your screen.

You will then see icons for all available functionality and you will need to tap on the icons to get to the function you require:

  • Balances – For account enquiries
  • Transfers – Transfers between your HSBC accounts and credit cards
  • Bill payments – To your existing billers
  • Rates – For exchange rates and the currency calculator
  • Inbox – For sending and receiving secure messages
  • Home & Away – Explore the world with travel privileges and offers for HSBC cardholders

Can I schedule a transfer for a later or recurring date using Mobile Banking?

Transfers and bill payments are 'pay now' only. To schedule a transfer or bill payment, you need to access Internet Banking using your computer.

Can I pay bills using HSBC Mobile Banking?

You can pay billers that have already been set up on Internet Banking via a computer. You cannot set up new billers via the Mobile Banking service.

Can I set up a new biller?

No. To set up a new biller you need to access Internet Banking using your computer.

Can I change or delete a scheduled payment I have set up using Mobile Banking?

No. To modify a transfer or bill payment, you need to access Internet Banking using your computer.

Who can I contact for help with HSBC Mobile Banking?

Should you require help with Mobile Banking, simply open the 'Contact Us' page, which can be found in the footer of the page. Alternatively, for further information about HSBC products and services, please call or send us a message.

Use the 'Create Message' facility in the 'Inbox' under the 'Bank' tab.

For any technical assistance about Mobile Banking, please contact our Mobile Banking helpdesk on 80074722 (within Oman) or +968 80074722 (outside Oman).

Technical information

Can I be logged on to Internet Banking and Mobile Banking at the same time?

No. You will receive an error message if you are already logged on and try to log on through a second device.

What happens if I get locked out of Mobile Banking or have forgotten my password?

It is recommended that you access Internet Banking using a computer and select the 'forgotten password' link or contact our Mobile Banking helpdesk on 80074722 (within Oman) or +968 80074722 (outside Oman).

What happens to my session if my phone locks from inactivity?

For security reasons, the Mobile Banking session will become inactive after 10 minutes of being idle.

Can I exit HSBC Mobile Banking by closing the phone internet browser or switching off the mobile phone?

Closing the phone internet browser or switching off the mobile phone may not close the HSBC Mobile Banking session properly. We strongly recommend you click 'Logout' to properly close the Mobile Banking session.

What happens if I answer a phone call or SMS while using Mobile Banking?

If a device supports multitasking (running multiple applications at one time), the banking session may stay logged on. On some devices, however, Mobile Banking may time out. If you were in the middle of a transaction, please verify if your transaction was completed through the transaction history.

Is it safe to use my mobile for Internet Banking?

Mobile Banking is as safe as accessing Internet Banking through a computer and it implements the same security measures as Internet Banking.

They are:

  • Encryption. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption technology is used within your Mobile Banking session to encrypt your personal information. At HSBC, we use 128-bit SSL Encryption, which is accepted as the industry standard level
  • Session time-out. If you forget to log out, or your mobile remains inactive for a period of time during a session, then our systems automatically log you off
  • Your money is protected as long as you observe HSBC's Internet Banking terms and conditions, including maintaining the security of your access codes and passwords

Is Internet Banking on my mobile going to be slow?

No. To counter the problem of having to download a large amount of content as seen on our Internet Banking site, Mobile Banking will operate by sending a comparatively very small amount of information at a time to ensure the quickest possible mobile experience.

Why can't I connect to the internet on my mobile phone?

If you are unable to access the internet through your mobile phone, you should contact your mobile phone provider or the manufacturer's technical support.

It's taking a long time to load when I access the logon page/confirmation page etc. Is there a problem with your service?

The service has been tested and the pages are built for quick loading. Please make sure the internet connection (through Wi-Fi or 3G) is available. If not available, please close the browser and start again when the internet connection is available.

What mobile devices can I use?

Mobile Banking has been optimised for the following mobile devices:

  • iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad – iOS version 3.1.3 and above
  • HTC Desire 2.1 and 2.2
  • Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.1 and 2.2

Other Android smartphones:

It is important to note that Mobile Banking has been optimised for the Android models listed above, and other devices may not display Mobile Banking as intended. Where this is the case, customers may be able to use their internet-enabled phone to access our full website and Internet Banking.

Other mobile devices:

HSBC is working to support other mobile platforms and devices in the future.

What do I do if I get a 'no response from gateway' message?

If you get the above message, it is most likely that you have lost your connection to the internet. Try again to establish your connection; if the problem continues, please call the Internet Banking helpdesk on 80074722 (within Oman) or +968 80074722 (outside Oman).

When I access www.hsbc.co.om using my mobile device, I get the normal HSBC website, not the mobile landing page.

This may occur if you have previously visited Mobile Banking but chose to continue browsing the full website. Clear your browser's cookies and close the browser, or restart your device. After doing so, the Mobile Banking page will display again.

If this is the first time accessing Mobile Banking, ensure your device is supported. Please refer to the question 'What mobile devices can I use?'.

How do I access the Mobile Banking quickly from the home page?

You can bookmark Mobile Banking to appear as an icon on the home page and always use this to navigate to Mobile Banking.

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Access your accounts quickly and securely, on the move with HSBC

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The benefits and features set out above are current as at the date they appear on our website. However, they may be subject to change at any time at our discretion. We will try to notify existing customers of any changes that may impact them either in advance of the change or shortly afterwards.