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Premier Travel Insurance


Summary of Benefits


Please refer to the defined terms at the end of this page (For full definitions and policy coverage please request AXA to provide you with the policy wording)


Limit of Indemnity


Eligible Persons

HSBC Premier Primary and Supplementary Cardholders aged between 18 and 65 years and their immediate family members (spouse and children under the age of 18)


AXA Contact Details

AXA Customer Services:    (working hours 8 to 5 Sunday to Thursday)
All Insurance Certificates, Queries   Complains    +971 (0)4-429 4015
Email; for Certificates, Queries    hsbccs@axa–


For Emergency Medical Assistance:    (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
From inside the UAE    8004845
From outside the UAE    +971 (0)4-429 4000,


For a non-Emergency Medical Assistance and Claims: (working hours 8 to 5 Sunday to Thursday)
From inside the UAE    8004845
From outside the UAE    +971 (0)4-429 3939
Claims Email–


AXA Complaints:
Email    HSBCComplaintsOfficer.uae@axa–


Written proof of claim must be given for processing within 30 days from date of incident or upon such proof including the following supporting bills and documents:



Summary of Benefits 


18 to 65 years old inclusive: 1 month to 17 years old inclusive:
Cover Sum Insured Sum Insured
Personal Accident
Accidental Death USD125,000 USD25,000
Permanent total disability due to accident USD125,000 USD25,000
Accidental Death or Permanent total disability due to accident (common carrier* or private car only) USD250,000 USD50,000
Accidental Death or Permanent total disability due to accident
(common air carrier only)
USD375,000 USD75,000
Loss of two eyes, two limbs or one eye and one limb USD125,000 USD25,000
Loss of one eye or one limb USD62,500 USD12,500
Travel Inconvenience benefits
Emergency Medical Expenses Excess** USD250,000
Follow-up medical expenses Included in Emergency Medical Expenses Included in Emergency Medical Expenses
Compassionate Visit Included in Emergency Medical Expenses up to Maximum USD7,500 Included in Emergency Medical Expenses up to Maximum USD7,500
Emergency Medical Evacuation Excess** USD250,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains USD12,500 USD12,500
Hospital Cash
USD100 per day up to a maximum of USD1,200
1 day
USD100 per day up to a maximum of USD1,200
1 day
Personal Baggage (50% sub-limit per bag) USD500 per person N/A
Baggage Delay
USD150 per person
10 Hours
Flight Delay
USD150 per person
10 Hours
Travel Assistance Service Covered covered


Please note that aggregate limits apply - details are available from the Insurer upon request




PLEASE NOTE that the exclusions given below are just examples of some of the key exclusions that apply. Details of full exclusions are available in the Travel Policy Terms & Conditions and may be requested by writing to AXA Insurance Gulf B.S.C (c) (AXA) at hsbccs@axa–


AXA will not cover loss, injury, damage or legal liability caused by, sustained, or arising directly or indirectly from:



Please note that the only material change which reduces cover from the previous policy is that the international travel to Syria is excluded.


The free benefit travel insurance is provided by AXA ("Insurer") pursuant to a corporate policy between HSBC Bank Middle East Limited ("HSBC") and the Insurer, whereby HSBC is the policy holder and you are the insured person. Please read the summary of cover for relevant terms and conditions and exclusions. HSBC will not be responsible for any claims, processing or otherwise.

*Common carrier: (Public transport) any means of transportation operated by a company or an individual licensed to carry passengers for hire, including but not limited to aircraft, bus, ship, train, or tram.

**The excess where applicable will either be in time excess applied after which a claim will be paid or in US $ amount where it is applied as a deductible on the claim amount to be paid.

Accident – a sudden, unforeseen and unusual specific event that happens unexpectedly caused solely and directly by violent, external and visible means which occur at an identifiable time and place resulting in injury during an insured trip and which is the sole and direct cause of accidental death or disablement

Accidental death – loss of life due to an accident as determined by a physician/ medical Practitioner

Family – the insured person, spouse and unlimited number of children

Medical expenses – reasonable expenses incurred from the first day of sustaining an Injury or illness during the insured trip which are either pre-approved by us or paid by the insured person to a legally qualified medical practitioner, hospital and/or ambulance service for medical, surgical, X-ray, hospital or nursing treatment including the cost of medical supplies and ambulance hire. (Abbreviated definition)

Loss of limb – loss by physical separation at or above the wrist or ankle joint or permanent total functional disablement of an entire hand or foot as determined by a physician/medical practitioner

Loss of sight – the entire and permanent irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes as determined by a physician/medical practitioner.

Permanent total disablement – disablement which for fifty two (52) consecutive weeks immediately following an accident entirely prevents the insured person from attending their usual occupation if employed, or if not employed, from attending employment of any and every kind. Disablement at the end of that time should be beyond reasonable hope of improvement, total, continuous and permanent